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Who Are You to Fear? Isaiah 51-52 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:54:00 2013-04-14 ProphecyTrialsJesus: Servant of God Jesus: Servant of God Series Volume 5: God reminds us that there are temporal and eternal aspects to our lives, and we have to live in both, but can only choose one to embrace. He reminds us of His faithfulness in our pasts, as an indicator of our future with Him. Given His faithfulness, who are we to fear: God who is eternal, or man who is temporal? Given whose we are, why do we fear man?
Priorities Haggai 1-2 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:07:34 2013-07-14 Serving the LordTrialsChronological History of IsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 135. After stirring the hearts of the people in Babylon to return Jerusalem to build the Temple, discouragement and opposition lead to frustration and finally floating off to other priorities, especially those leading to ones own comfort - while the Temple remained overgrown and unfinished. Is there a 'temple' the Lord has asked you to build, and yet you have lost focus and let your attention lapse?
The Sons of Anointing Zechariah 3-4 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:54:19 2013-07-28 GraceServing the LordTrialsChronological History of IsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 137. We often rely on our own 'right-ness' and our own strength to be pleasing to God. In this series of two visions, the Lord shows what is truly needed in our service to Him.
A Mind to Work, A Heart to Pray, An Eye to Watch, An Ear to Hear Nehemiah 4 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:50:44 2013-12-15 Godly CharacterFaithTrialsChronological History of IsraelLeadership The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 156. With all trials, our ultimate victory is not surviving the trial, but getting back to the work, Because of the focused, faithful leadership of Nehemiah, the citizens of Jerusalem ultimately had victory in staving off their enemies, and rebuilding the wall. If you feel discouraged, threatened, fatigued, remember what you are working for - your family, your children, your friends, your home.
It Is Written Matthew 4:1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:00:46 2014-05-11 JesusGod the SonTrialsSatanBiblical AuthorityCompromiseChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 012 (Also referencing Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13) Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 days and nights, so that we might know as humans that temptation does not have to lead to sin. He remained faithful in spite of near death circumstances and constant battle with Satan using the only weapon that matters - the Word of God.
Finding Good Fruit on a Road Less Traveled Matthew 7:13-29 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:40:14 2015-01-11 Godly CharacterTrialsObedienceChronological Life of JesusSermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 42 (With reference to Luke 6:43-49.) Jesus ends His most famous sermon with warnings about the difficulty of the path He has taught us. There is no other path to eternity, but what a destination!
A Trial of Our Own Making John 18:12-27 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:46:31 2017-04-30 FaithTrialsCompromiseChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 146 (with reference to Matthew 26:57-75; Mark 14:53-72; Luke 22:54-71). While Jesus was being dragged into an illegal and unfair trial designed to condemn an innocent man, Peter was entering a trial of his own making. It wasn't that he failed so much as what he did to set himself up for failure. Sometimes what we think we are doing for God we are doing for ourselves.
The Truth On Trial John 18:28-40 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:07 2017-05-07 GospelMan's Sinful ConditionTrialsChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 147 (with reference to Matthew 27:1-26; Mark 15:1-15; Luke 23:1-25). As the religious leaders and government of Jesus' day push their agenda, God has something else in mind. Whenever man puts the truth on trial it is not the truth but the man that is being judged.
I've Been Expecting You James 1:1-8 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:37 2018-03-18 TrialsChronological Study-Early Church 025 - Chronological Study of the Early Church. We approach trials as enemies of our comfort instead of seeing them as opportunities to work with God to strengthen our faith and produce patience in our lives. This passage of James tells us that we are to greet trials as expectant visitors when we are living to please God.

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