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The God of our Thoughts Ezekiel 8 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:11:08 2012-06-17 SexualitySinPeer PressureGodly CharacterChronological History of Israel The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 97. The Lord showed Ezekiel the wickedness of the thoughts and intents of the captives in Babylon. We are to fervently guard our thoughts and protect our thought life, pulling down strongholds with the weapons of the Spirit.
The Fruit of Our Relationship Ezekiel 15-16 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:06:05 2012-07-08 SexualityGraceSinMan's Sinful ConditionServing the Lord The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 100. God asks what the fruit is in our lives. Are you bearing fruit? Are you faithful in your relationship with God?
The Root and the Fruit Matthew 5:27-30 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:48:54 2014-11-02 SexualityMarriageChronological Life of JesusAdulteryPornographySermon on the Mount Chronological Life of Jesus - 33 - Jesus warns us that lust doesn't have to be acted upon to be sin. And either can bring great damage to our marriages. If our heart is corrupt, it is only a matter of opportunity before we act on the temptations that entice us. But we have control over our hearts and an opportunity to strengthen our marriage.
Walking to Please God 1 Thessalonians 4:1-12 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:51:24 2018-08-19 SexualitySinHolinessBiblical AuthorityAdulteryPornographyChronological Study-Early Church 041 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - We often wonder what the will of God is for our lives. It has to start here - our sanctification. God has much to say about how we are to conduct our lives. These include our approach to sex, work, and living a quiet life.

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