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Like Father, Like Child Ezekiel 28, 32 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:58:50 2012-10-14 SinGod the FatherPrideChronological History of IsraelSatan The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 112. This, along with Isaiah 14 gives us our most compelte description of Satan. When we go against the will of God we are less like children of God, and more like childreen of Satan.
Has Your World Been Shaken? Isaiah 13, 14, 21 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:56:59 2012-12-23 ProphecyEnd TimesPrideChronological History of IsraelSatanRestoration The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 121 The Lord will shake the world, getting rid of everything that he doesn't want remaining. He will do that for the world and for our lives. Do you sense that your world is being shaken?
Arise and Build Nehemiah 2:9-20 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:55:13 2013-11-24 FaithChronological History of IsraelSatanRestorationLeadership The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 154. Continued study on Christian leadership. The wall that has been broken down can be used as an analogy for the openings in our own lives where we allow intruders, marauders and thieves to steal every valuable thing in our lives. But God has never intended us to live in that defeat.
It Is Written Matthew 4:1-11 Pastor Brian Nevins 01:00:46 2014-05-11 JesusGod the SonTrialsSatanBiblical AuthorityCompromiseChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 012 (Also referencing Mark 1:12-13, Luke 4:1-13) Jesus was tested in the wilderness for 40 days and nights, so that we might know as humans that temptation does not have to lead to sin. He remained faithful in spite of near death circumstances and constant battle with Satan using the only weapon that matters - the Word of God.
What You Do Is What You Believe Matthew 12:22-37 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:37:05 2015-03-01 SinGodly CharacterSatanHolinessFearChronological Life of Jesus Chronological Life of Jesus - 48 (with reference to Mark 3:20-35, Luke 11:14-23). Jesus makes it very clear that we cannot approach Him with a lax attitude- if we are not for Him, we are against Him. Ultimately what we truly believe becomes clear in our actions and our words that come from the heart, regardless of what we profess. Does your life reflect a complete trust in Jesus?
Who Is This? Matthew 8:20-34 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:18 2015-04-19 FaithSatanFearChronological Life of JesusWorry / Anxiety Chronological Life of Jesus - 53 (with reference to Mark 4:35-5:20, Luke 8:22-39). The demons knew Jesus, but His own disciples were still not sure - leaving them vunerable and fearful in the midst of a storm. When we forget who Jesus is, and what He promised we find ourselves in the same situation.
Preparing for the Imminent Matthew 24:9-35 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:16 2016-12-04 GospelSinEvangelismFalse ProphetsProphecyEnd TimesSatanChronological Life of JesusOlivet Discourse Chronological Life of Jesus 128 - The return of Jesus is inevitable and there is nothing we can do to hinder or hurry His coming. But we can and must determine how we are going to live in this time with this knowledge.
"Satan Can Hinder Us, But Not Stpo Us" 1 Thessalonians 2:17-3:13 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:28 2018-08-12 SatanTribulationChronological Study-Early ChurchReturn of JesusRapture 040 - Chronological Study of the Early Church. Paul warned the church that affliction would be a part of their lives as followers of Jesus. And Paul demonstrated in his life that while we have an enemy who throws obstacles in our way he can only delay the church but he cannot stop it.
Taking Inventory Acts 19:9-41 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:38:35 2018-11-11 EvangelismSatanHolinessFearRevivalChronological Study-Early Church 049 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - It is no coincidence that the account of the coming of the Holy Spirit to believers is Ephesus is followed by the teaching of the word of God, resistance to the Word of God, and an account of people coming to repentance. This is the time for us to come to grips with the relationship we want with the Lord, and our relationship to our sin. This is the essence of personal revival.

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