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Philippians Pastor Randy Warwick 00:47:30 1998-11-22 Guest SpeakersPastor Randy Warwick
Philippians Pastor Randy Warwick 00:47:50 1998-11-29 Guest SpeakersPastor Randy Warwick
Philippians Pastor Randy Warwick 00:49:47 1998-12-06 Guest SpeakersPastor Randy Warwick
Philippians Pastor Randy Warwick 00:44:07 1998-12-13 Guest SpeakersPastor Randy Warwick
1 Corinthians Tim Chaffey 01:16:24 2011-03-27 Guest Speakers Special Guest Tim Chaffey speaks on the importance of teaching the Word of God
The Trials James 1 Pastor Ed Gaines 00:50:31 2007-06-03 Guest Speakers Pastor Ed Gaines of Calvary Chapel of TriState speaks on the benefit of trials.
The Secret of Strength Hosea 12:2-6 Pastor Randy Warwick 00:43:29 2002-07-21 Godly CharacterGuest Speakers Pastor Randy Warwick gives us the secret of strength in Jacob's weakness
Misconceptions About the Holy Spirit 1 Corinthians 12 Pastor Randy Warwick 00:55:00 2002-07-28 God the Holy SpiritGuest SpeakersPastor Randy Warwick Pastor Randy Warwick teaches about the some of our misconceptions of who the Holy Spirit is, and His role in the life of a believer
Adequate Resources Luke 10:38-42 Pastor Randy Warwick 00:51:11 2002-10-20 Guest SpeakersPeace There is a lot in our world to be troubled about. But Jesus told us not to be anxious. Pastor Randy reminds us from the story of Mary sitting at the feet of Jesus - that we might possess adequate resources.
Cultivating Forgiveness Philemon Michael Reddy 01:02:23 2012-10-17 Guest SpeakersForgiveness Guest Speaker Michael Reddy teaches us on the book of Philemon and the need to cultivate forgiveness as a normal, automatic part or our lives.
Defining Marks of the Christian: All Time Truths That Endure All Things. Romans 5:1-5 Michael Reddy 00:47:12 2013-01-27 GraceGuest SpeakersHoliness Our guest speaker Michael Reddy teaches that the Christian life should be immediately recognizable to those around us. People should know that about us without us even saying a word. Our attitudes and values are, or should be, reflective of the changes that God is making in our lives.
Through the Storm Mark 4:35-41 Pastor Tom Camp 00:55:14 2013-02-17 FaithGuest SpeakersFear Pastor Tom Camp of Harvest Chapel, Lafayette, IN teaches us that the trials we face are often engineered by the Lord for either correction or instruction. We all face sudden storms, and often think that Jesus is asleep and doesn't care.
One Thing I Have Desired Psalms 46 Dr. Michael Brennan 00:49:57 2013-06-23 Guest SpeakersWorship Dr. Michael Brennan of Liberty University leads us in a blessed time of worship through music and teaching. Dr. Brennan provides the scriptural insight for the many contemporary songs and traditional hymns as he plays on a classicial acoustic guitar.
Missions Update August, 2013 Philippians 2 Audrey Reddy and Brenda Johnson 00:14:11 2013-08-04 Guest SpeakersMissions Audrey Reddy and Brenda Johnson share their hearts on a 10-day mission trip to Honduras - Audrey on her first trip and Brenda who lead the team as a veteran of many years. Please take a moment to hear both the fresh perspective of a young teen and the wisdom of someone whose heart has been for the Honduran people for many years. You will hear the willing obedience to God and the love for His people.
Loving Your Leah Genesis 29 Pastor Sandy Adams 00:48:54 2014-02-08 Guest SpeakersMarriage The Miracle Cure for Marriage. Jacob loved Rachel, but spent the left of his life with Leah. It is a blessing to learn to love your Leah.
Christians in Public Life Matthew 5:13-16 Sen Jack Westwood 00:51:36 2014-02-16 Serving the LordGuest Speakers Kentucky State Sen Jack Westwood (Ret) challenges us to recognize and accept our responsibility as Christian citizens to take up our duty in the public square. It is a timely understanding as we face increasing hostility in the government and judicial systems for our faith and stand for righteousness.
Psalm 19 Expository Psalms 19 Michael Reddy 00:54:17 2014-08-31 Guest Speakers
2014 Honduras Update Psalms 84 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:58:38 2014-08-24 Guest SpeakersMissions Honduras Mission Update 2014: The following message was recorded on August 24, 2014 at Calvary Chapel Northern KY to discuss what the Lord has done in and through the lives of the mission team in Ocotillo Honduras in Jul, 2014. The message begins with Brenda Johson, the team lead, followed by Nikki Reddy-Frechette, Cora Reddy, Hannah Reddy and Audrey Reddy. It is concluded with a message from Pastor Brian Nevins, based on Psalm 84.
Sidetracked Psalms 37:1-9 Steve O'Brien 00:56:53 2015-01-18 SovereigntyGuest SpeakersWorry / Anxiety We often get sidetracked from the priorities and will of God. Our guest teacher Steve O'Brien provides a great explanation of this exhortation to delight ourselves in the Lord, and to commit our ways to Him.
Love's Obligation 1 John 4:8 Pastor Bill and Vi Goodrich 00:40:56 2015-02-14 LoveGuest SpeakersTrue Love Dinner - 2015 Pastor Bill and Vi Goodrich of Horizon Christian, Indianapolis share what it looks like in your life when you are compelled by the love of God. This was shared during our annual True Love Dinner in 2015
Luke 12:13-21 Jeff Schuka 00:40:11 2015-03-29 Guest Speakers Guest Teacher Jeff Shuka from Calvary TriState
A New and Refreshed Heart Proverbs 3 Pastor Robert Trohon 00:43:16 2015-07-15 Guest Speakers Guest Speaking at Rio Vista, CA. Stored for FB purposes
"Why Am I Here?" The Ultimate Purpose in Life 1 Kings 19:1-9 Jeff Schuka 00:40:18 2015-07-19 Guest Speakers (with reference to 2 Corinthians 4:5-7)
Receive the Holy Spirit Acts 1:1-8 Pastor Alfred Morlote 00:59:43 2017-06-04 God the Holy SpiritGuest Speakers
Wrestling with God - Part 2 What's In a Name? Genesis 32:22-28 Ed Radiger 00:35:20 2017-07-30 GospelGuest SpeakersSubmissionWorry / Anxiety It took most of Jacob's life, and more than one encounter with God before he was willing to call God the Lord of his life. And when he did, God gave him a new name. Why is that important? Our teacher Ed Radiger explains the importance of the name to God and to us.
Wrestling With God Genesis 32 22-28 Ed Radiger 00:43:46 2017-07-23 SalvationFaithGuest SpeakersRepentanceWorry / Anxiety Jacob spent most of his life avoiding the call God had on his life. It took multiple obstacles, visions and eventually a wrestling match before God became the Lord in his life. What are you wrestling with? Fear, anxiety, sin, avoiding God's call, or even His salvation? Ed Radiger walks us through the solution from God's Word.
Our Refuge and Strength Psalms 46 Ed Radiger 00:36:41 2017-09-10 FaithGuest SpeakersResting in the Lord Ed explores what it means to trust in God in the midst of any circumstance.
Joshua 14:6-15 and 15:13-19 Pastor Bob Claycamp 00:49:35 2017-10-08 FaithGuest SpeakersCourageVision Pastor Bob talks about Caleb, a man of faith, courage and vision, whom God used uniquely in a unique situation. In this, God gives us examples of faith that tells us that these things were not just for those in the Bible, but that He still wants to do those same things with us today.
Ruth 2:1-4:22 Brian Hedrick 01:00:40 2018-07-15 Godly CharacterGuest SpeakersMercy
Ruth 1 Brian Hedrick 00:57:03 2018-07-08 FaithHopeGuest Speakers
The Historicity of Jesus Matthew 1 Tim Chaffey 01:10:50 2018-09-02 HistoryJesusGod the SonGuest Speakers Tim Chaffey of Answers in Genesis discusses the historical evidence for Jesus' existence and ministry

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