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Sermons - Courage

Joshua 14:6-15 and 15:13-19 Pastor Bob Claycamp 00:49:35 2017-10-08 FaithGuest SpeakersCourageVision Pastor Bob talks about Caleb, a man of faith, courage and vision, whom God used uniquely in a unique situation. In this, God gives us examples of faith that tells us that these things were not just for those in the Bible, but that He still wants to do those same things with us today.
Stephen and Philip: Studies in The Power of the Spirit Acts 7:54-8:8, 26-40 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:49:37 2017-11-26 God the Holy SpiritGodly CharacterChronological Study-Early ChurchCouragePersecution 014 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - Jesus was and is very interested in the individual. Because two normal men were willing to be filled with the Spirit, and the power and wisdom of God, the Lord used them to impact the world.

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