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Sermons - Zechariah

Our Search for Significance Zechariah 1-2 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:53:10 2013-07-21 Serving the LordAuthorityChronological History of IsraelRestorationIsrael The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 136. Do you often question your significance before the Lord, or the significance of the work you do? Especially when it is small work and in difficult circumstances. There is no small work, no insignificant work, in God's eyes when it is the work He has given us to do. The Lord used the prophet Zechariah to encourage the returning Jews in their work, and this message resounds as strongly with us today.
The Sons of Anointing Zechariah 3-4 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:54:19 2013-07-28 GraceServing the LordTrialsChronological History of IsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 137. We often rely on our own 'right-ness' and our own strength to be pleasing to God. In this series of two visions, the Lord shows what is truly needed in our service to Him.
I Shall Not Want Zechariah 5-6 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:44:50 2013-08-04 Godly CharacterChronological History of IsraelIsrael The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 138. Zechariah continues to encourage those who are discouraged in their work for the Lord. That includes not only pointing them to the Lord and coming Messiah, but away from the things that distract. When is 'commerce' bad? When it takes our hearts away from God, leads us to lie and cheat, for the sake of obtaining 'more'. But what we have in our hand means nothing to the Lord, only what is in our hearts, minds and souls.
Why Do I Do This? Zechariah 7-8 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:48:53 2013-08-11 Godly CharacterChronological History of IsraelRestorationIsraelObedience The Chronological History of Israel and Judah Series - Number 139. How often do we alllow rituals and tradition to get in the way of obedience and closeness to the Lord? We are more willing to pay for our sins then avoid them. But the Lord would rather have us just walk with Him.

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