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The Trials James 1 Pastor Ed Gaines 00:50:31 2007-06-03 Guest Speakers Pastor Ed Gaines of Calvary Chapel of TriState speaks on the benefit of trials.
I've Been Expecting You James 1:1-8 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:37 2018-03-18 TrialsChronological Study-Early Church 025 - Chronological Study of the Early Church. We approach trials as enemies of our comfort instead of seeing them as opportunities to work with God to strengthen our faith and produce patience in our lives. This passage of James tells us that we are to greet trials as expectant visitors when we are living to please God.
Practical, Faithful Religion James 1:9-27 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:58:02 2018-03-25 GraceFaithHypocrisyReligionChronological Study-Early Church 026 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - James continues to explore the trials that we face as Christians, while offering practical ways to escape temptations, and to live a life that brings pleasure to God and blessing to our lives and work.
Taming the Tongue James 3:1-12 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:43:30 2018-05-13 Godly CharacterAnger 028 - Chronological Study of the Early Church - The greatest problem in the church, in the marketplace, in the home is the tongue. What can be used for so much good, when unrestrained is the source of the greatest pain. But God can change that. and in the Christian, must change that.
Getting Wisdom, Using Wisdom James 3:13-18 Pastor Brian Nevins 00:52:07 2018-05-20 PentecostChronological Study-Early ChurchWisdom 030 - Chronological Study of the Early Church. We akk need wisdom. But what is it? What does it look? How do I get it? God has a lot to say about wisdom throughout His word, since He is the source it. Need wisdom? Start here.

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